Disney World Orlando

Walt Disney World Orlando

Disney World Orlando has been known as the most fun place on Earth and the folks at Disney World have tried for years to make sure it is just that and more.  You can easily lose yourself during a day in Disney World.  When you visit Disney World you can find fanciful characters from your youth, scenes and settings you have only seen on the big or small screen, and a park full of fun and laughter throughout each and every attraction at the park.

This year, your Disney tickets will help you enjoy a unique experience with the Disney World and that is the celebration of fun and excitement which is happening all the time.  This fun is only around and being celebrated for a short time and three special events has been planned for Disney World Orlando in order to truly celebrate.  The three attractions are the Paint the Night parade, the Disneyland Forever fireworks display, and the World of Color: Celebrate animation and display.  With these three features added to the park, along with several upgrades of often beloved attractions, Disney World will certainly show you and your family a time that will leave you excited and exhausted from all the wonderment you have enjoyed.

Let’s take a look at the Disneyland Forever fireworks display.  This fireworks show is simply amazing.  Never has there been so much animation mixed with fireworks to give you a great view of what you love about Disney.  Your senses are all taken away and completed enthralled in the spectacle that is the fireworks that showcase the Disney castle in the background which gives you the ability to enjoy lights, fire, colors, animation and much more.  This fireworks display is awesome, amazing and must be seen when you use your Disney passes to come to the park for fun during this celebration.

In order to be witness to such an amazing show of lights and projectiles, you must have Disney World tickets.  The best way to save some money and enjoy some time in Disney World is to take advantage of awesome ticket packages to Orlando area attractions that include Disney passes that will get you access to the awesome celebration and allow you and your family to fully enjoy the happiest place on Earth.

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