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Discount Disney World Tickets Guide – 2022

Please Note : Your regular admission ticket alone will not give entry to the park. You must have theme park reservation via Disney Park Pass system… Read More

Your discount disney world ticket plays an important role in the making of a budget – friendly Disney vacation plan. However, with so many different discounted ticket options around, it could be quite confusing.  Therefore, it’s always wise to spend some time knowing about the tickets and their different discounted sources. 

This page is intended to provide value to Disney vacationers in search of discount tickets. It throws light on all important aspects of discount Disney tickets. and help you take an informed decision on the various money – saving ticket tips, special offers and advantages available with the different categories of disney world tickets and passes for the year 2022. Here you will have the latest price – increase updates and information on best discounted deals on 2022 disney tickets for the 4-magical parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.

Disney fans and readers must note that the information on tickets and relevant detail covered in this page here is solely dedicated to the WDW – Walt Disney World parks in Orlando, Florida. However, if you are a fan of Disneyland California, or Disney parks in other parts of the world, it’s requested to please visit the right page or website on respective parks.

How can I get discounted Disney World tickets?

No surprise that the expensive Disney tickets are quite a burden to the overall vacation cost. But there are many legitimate and authentic ways with which you can cut cost and make the experience even more memorable for the entire family.

So if you are searching for the best discounted deals online. And if you want to buy it through a safe and secure source, without the fear of getting cheated then we are happy referring to one of our most reliable Ticket partners Get Away Today – a  leading authorized ticket reseller in Florida. The company not only offers the lowest prices on your multi-day Disney world tickets but also boasts of the most competitive prices in the online tickets market today. You may go and find a cheaper price elsewhere, but Get Away Today won’t just match it, it will beat it. Along with the discounted WDW tickets, the company also offers its best deals on the other famous Florida Theme Parks & Resorts as well.

The Destination 2Travel is another reliable discount ticket source that you may want to check as well. All you have to do is just tell them the type of tickets that you need for your dream vacation and relax. Destination 2Travel will be happy to revert with the most competitive ticket offers available for you. The company with its awesome team of agents promises to add another feather to your most memorable vacation story.

Cheapest places to buy Disney World Tickets

There are several Disney world ticket sellers that offer discounts. But not many of them are legitimate sellers. So be careful in choosing the right ticket source that actually offer discounts.

There are many ticket selling scams as well. Don’t just get lured by their crazy discounts deals on partially-used tickets – which is a big no from Disney.

Among the trusted sources includes – the authorized discount Disney world ticket sellers. Some of these authorized ticket brokers, beside the regular discounts, may go even further with their own deeper discount offers.
How an authorized Disney ticket reseller can sell tickets at a lesser price than Disney?
— This is possible because a broker or reseller buys ticket directly from Disney through their wholesale channel, and sells them at a slight mark up. Another good thing is that Disney is completely okay with the discounted prices they offer. The company sees its benefits given the amount of efforts that the resellers put into selling disney world tickets.

We recommend you to check and compare the prices with some of these authorized sellers before buying your multi-day Disney World tickets. Who knows you may stumble upon your next best deal with one of them.

Listed below are few such trusted discount ticket sellers where you can go shop around to find the cheapest deal –

Get Away Today
– We have discussed this company in the above para of this article as well. It has the most competitive discount prices on multi – day Disney world tickets. Get Away Today is one of the most trusted discount ticket sellers. You should definitely check this company before finalizing your cheapest place to buy tickets.

Undercover Tourist
– A legitimate ticket broker, offering excellent discounts on multi-day WDW tickets. Undercover Tourist is a reputed company and its prices are tax inclusive. Be sure to check the full price with taxes while comparing with other discount sources.

The Official Ticket Center
– This authorized discount ticket seller is one of the most trusted ticket sources in Florida. The Official Ticket Center is a great place to check for some surprising discount offers on your multi-day disney world tickets. The prices include taxes and free shipping.

-The Parksavers is another legitimate discount ticket seller with special discounted deals. A great option to check and compare discount ticket prices and deals.

When comparing prices with these different discount ticket brokers, be sure to check the exact same ticket. Also don’t forget to check the full price with taxes. Some authorized ticket resellers include taxes with their prices while others quote only the net price. Such as if you are comparing with Disney, always remember to add the 6.5% tax to their listed price.

The above listed companies are referred to help you find real discounts on real tickets. They are authorized to sell tickets at prices lower than the gates. Sometime they even come with their own special discounts as well. Be sure to check them before purchasing your favorite Walt Disney World tickets. We had good personal experience with a couple of them as well.

In case, if you are looking for discounts on things other than disney tickets, such as savings on your Disney Stay then this guide is not for you. Booking a Disney property for the vacation is an expensive affair. However, there are ways that will let you save some real dollars in this as well. We suggest you to check places such as David’s Vacation Club – one of the oldest and most trusted sources for Disney vacation club villa rentals. With DVC rentals – no membership required and you can book the same Walt Disney World property at heavy discounted prices. This is possible because DVC rentals actually rents you the unused timeshares belong to the owners/members of the Disney Vacation Club.

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Things You Need To Know About Disney World Tickets

Prior to buying your discount disney world ticket, there are some quick things that you should know.

Discount Disney World Ticket Tips
Discount Disney World Tickets Tips

Ticket pricing is based on both the start date and the ticket duration

Currently Disney maintains a date – based ticket pricing structure. You have to specify the start date and the prices will vary based on both the initial usage date and the length of ticket. So if you are comparing prices with different sources, it’s important to ensure that same start date is used throughout the comparison.

The Longer the ticket Duration the bigger the saving

— If you are planning for longer duration tickets you will definitely end up saving more as compared to those with shorter duration. However, if you are planning to buy a 1-day ticket, it’s better to get it directly from the gates. No such discounts available for a 1-day Disney World ticket.

Link your ticket to MyDisneyExperience

— When done with ticket booking, you should immediately link it to your MyDisneyExperience account. This is important as it allows you to make FastPass+ reservations. Disney World’s FastPass+ reservation system is quite a handy tool in saving more time for the real experiences at the parks. It allows you to book your favorite ride even before you actually visited the resort.

Times When Prices are lower

— As always, prices are higher during peak times of the year and lower during slower times. Usually, January, February and September are seen as the slower times of the year. However, the Resort can offer special discounted prices any time of the year. And they come in surprise packages and mostly for a limited- time. So it’s important to keep an eye on the official Disney World website for any such special offers.

How Long a Ticket is Valid for

— Each ticket has its own specific duration and validity. Such as for tickets purchased outside of package – the list is as follows:
1-Day Ticket – Valid only for the day indicated at the time of purchase.
2-Day Ticket – Valid for any 2 Days within a 4 Day duration, starting from the Day indicated at the time of purchase. (For ParkHopper Plus – the duration is 5 Days)
3-Day Ticket – Valid for any 3 Days within a 5 Day duration, starting from the Day indicated at the time of purchase. (For ParkHopper Plus – the duration is 6 Days)
4-Day Ticket – Valid for any 4 Days within a 7 Day duration, starting from the Day indicated at the time of purchase. (For ParkHopper Plus – the duration is 8 Days)
5-Day Ticket – Valid for any 5 Days within a 8 Day duration, starting from the Day indicated at the time of purchase. (For ParkHopper Plus – the duration is 9 Days)
6-Day Ticket – Valid for any 6 Days within a 9 Day duration, starting from the Day indicated at the time of purchase. (For ParkHopper Plus – the duration is 10 Days)
7-Day Ticket – Valid for any 7 Days within a 10 Day duration, starting from the Day indicated at the time of purchase. (For ParkHopper Plus – the duration is 11 Days)
8-Day Ticket – Valid for any 8 Days within a 12 Day duration, starting from the Day indicated at the time of purchase. (For ParkHopper Plus – the duration is 13 Days)
9-Day Ticket – Valid for any 9 Days within a 13 Day duration, starting from the Day indicated at the time of purchase. (For ParkHopper Plus – the duration is 14 Days)
10-Day Ticket – Valid for any 10 Days within a 14 Day duration, starting from the Day indicated at the time of purchase. (For ParkHopper Plus – the duration is 15 Days)

Tickets Are Non-Transferable

— Disney World tickets are non-transferable – must be used by the same person for the entire ticket duration. You cannot buy and use a partially used ticket as that ticket is linked to another person’s fingerprint. Disney will not allow admission with such tickets.
So stay away from buying used tickets. There are many such scam ticket sources that offer heavy discounts. Don’t just get carried away by their irresistible prices. Else you will end up paying more at the gates and that is exactly what you don’t want on a Disney vacation.

The disney ticket is just a part of the Disney vacation plan. You also have to consider many other important things along with discounted tickets to suite your dream vacation needs. In case if you don’t want to plan out your dream vacation all by yourself, you can get the job done through a trusted travel agent. With a good travel agent at hand you can enjoy the benefits of planning a dream trip by someone who has been actually there and had experienced the attractions in person every year. We recommend you to check A reliable, and one of the most experienced, value for money travel guide that can help create the most memorable Disney trips for you and your family.

WDW Tickets 2022 – News & Speculations

Florida Resident Disney World Tickets

Annual Price Increase

— Disney World ticket prices change annually. The price change occurred usually by March every year. As such it’s always recommended to get your tickets sooner at the current price. Buying tickets at the current rates, you can still end up paying less than those who will buy the same tickets after the annual price increase. However, the good news is – there is no price change occurred for the year 2022 yet. You can have the tickets at same prices, and better still – possibly, Disney will not hike the prices for this year at all.

Disney Park Pass Reservation System

Disney’s new ticketing system has brought the necessity to make theme park reservation before entering park. Your regular admission tickets alone will not give entry. You have to select your visiting date and park via Disney Park Pass Reservation system. Reservations are subject to availability, so it’s recommended to check the availability of your desired dates and park before purchasing the tickets. You should also make the reservations immediately after selecting your tickets and passes. Read our blog for more on Disney park pass system and check our step by step guide on How to make a theme park reservation.

Disney Genie Service

Disney Genie is a set of three new in-app services aimed at making your Disney experience more enjoyable and memorable. Disney Genie includes Disney Genie Service – a complimentary travel planning service. Genie+ is a paid service that allows you to skip ride lines via lightning lane selection at select attractions. Individual Lightning lane Selection is a la carte selection that you can purchase at select attractions. Read our blog for details on Disney Genie Service .

Types of Disney World Tickets

There are different types of disney world tickets with each has its own advantage and limitation.

Base Tickets

– The base tickets are the basic disney world tickets that allows you to visit one park per day. With this ticket you can leave and enter the same park multiple times on the same day. Tickets can be upgraded to park hopper or park hopper plus at extra cost.

Park Hopper Tickets

– The Park Hopper tickets allow visitors to visit multiple parks per day. Adding this option to your ticket allows you to come and go as many times to any or all the 4 major parks on the same day.

Park Hopper Plus Tickets

– In addition to multiple park per day, the Park Hopper Plus tickets includes special entry to other attraction. Adding this option allows extra visits – one admission to any one of the water parks or ESPN World Wide of Sports Complex or mini golf at Fantasia Gardens, or mini golf at Winter Summerland or golf at Oak Trail family walking course.

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