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Disney Rides

This page informs and guides you about the favorite, family – friendly Disney ride attractions. Provides ride updates, experiences and reviews by park guests.

Disney's Pandora- The World of Avatar

Riding a Banshee at Disney World’s Pandora Is Truly Magical

Your visit to Pandora: The World of Avatar is never complete without a ride on the back of a banshee. The Banshee Ride or the Avatar Flight of Passage is the most thrilling adventure ride that the Disney World's New Avatar Themed Land has to offer. Just like the entire ...
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Disney World Without The Kids

Adults can visit Walt Disney World without kids and still have a magical, unforgettable vacation. It's true! Disney World in Orlando, Florida is not just for children. It's a fully themed escape from reality that is home to luxurious spas, 5-star restaurants and some of the finest shopping in on ...
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Disney World Without Kids Is Magical As Well

A Walt Disney World vacation isn't just for the youngest family members. There are hundreds of entertaining, enchanting and thrilling rides, shows and activities for teens. Coasters and Thrill Rides in the Disney Parks Most of the Disney Parks' roller coasters and thrill rides do have minimum height requirements, so ...
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Rides for Absolutely Everyone

Then, there are the rides that everyone can agree on -- the ones that are must-do no matter how old or young you are. These are listed in vague order from 'slightly more favored by the younger ones' at the beginning to 'slightly more favored by the older ones' at ...
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Rides for the ‘Ideal Audience’

If you're coming to Disney World Orlando with a gaggle of kids in the 9-year-old range, you're playing straight into the park's 'ideal audience' -- which means there are plenty of rides they'll enjoy. But here are the ones that are not great for the smaller kids, either because of ...
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Rides for TheYoung’Uns

Almost every ride in Disney World is made for 9-year-olds at the oldest -- though many of themobviously will thrill even the grandparents. But for the pre-schoolers (4- or 5-year-olds), here are thetop-of-the-list favorites -- the ones that aren't great for the 3rd-grade-and-up crowd. Animal Kingdom Rides:The Boneyard, Dinorama, Triceratops ...
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The Rides at Disney World Orlando

There are a vast number of rides and attractions at Disney World Orlando, and it's almost impossible to hit them all even over a three-day weekend -- but then, you're not really supposed to. Some rides are meant for some audiences, and others are for, well, others. Recent Posts ...
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