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Marketing Disclosure

This blog is marketing. It’s pretty darn good marketing, too, if we do say so ourselves. This blog is about a lot of things, most of them related to theme parks in the southeasternmost part of the country — but not all of those things are obvious, and we are kind of ethically and definitely legally obligated to tell you about a few of those not-obvious things. So this page exists to let you know that we fully intend to make some money by having this blog, mostly by linking out to pages that are selling Disney-related products including tickets and vacation packages.

This page also serves to inform you, the reader, that we, the bloggers, have collected some of this information from existing websites. Anything on this site that appears to be a testimonial from an actual person, but doesn’t have an actual name attached to it, is probably actually paraphrased from TripAdvisor or a similar site by us, the bloggers. Anything that appears to be a fact stated by an entity with personal knowledge of DisneyWorld was probably provided to us by a third-party site that offers lots of experienced-based facts about Disney. We couldn’t afford to spring for Disney tickets for all of us bloggers (or even any of us), as sweet as that would be.

If a post does have an actual name attached, it’s actually a post by that person, and that person is not one of the bloggers we’re talking about. We don’t want our names out there. But FTC guidelines say that we have to say a whole bunch of other stuff, too, so bear with us for a second while we talk about our marketing:

  • Media Events: Disney puts on a lot of media events that the public isn’t able to attend. If the bloggers who add content to this site ever have the opportunity to attend such an event, and then they post about it, they’ll tell you that their experience was at one of these non-public events.

  • Reviews: If on the off chance we ever decide to review a specific product on this blog, you can be assured it’s because someone gave it to us for free and asked us to review it. We certainly don’t and won’t review every such thing that someone gives us, but we might, so just be aware that we didn’t pay for it.

  • Media Rates: Sometimes, us elite bloggers get offered discounts on travel destinations and attractions and whatnot, because, you know, the blogosphere. Fortunately, we’re not under any sort of implied or explied (that’s the opposite of implied, right?) obligation to say anything nice about some hotel or attraction just because they profited slightly less off of our being there than some nice non-blogging couple…so we don’t. If we say something nice, it’s because it was deserved, not because it was paid for.

  • Advertising: We advertise on this website, in order to pay for the website. We may someday run affiliate programs through this website in order to pay for this website. We also advertise for our partner website(s) on this website, in order to help them pay for their website. Because this website uses ads furnished at least in part by Google, not hand-picked by us, we have little (OK, very little — OK, absolutely no) control over what ads you see in at least part of our advertising.

  • Affiliate Programs: Should you click on a link to a purchasable product on our website, and then buy it, we get a few cents because you got to that product from us. In other words, we are an affiliate of whoever sells that thing, and those links you clicked are affiliate links. The fact that we get a cut doesn’t affect your price at all.

  • Conflicts of Interest: Well, we are partners with various Disney-related sales sites, so pretty much what’s in their interest is in ours, and advancing the agenda of any of their competitors’ sites would be against their interests — and thus ours. So we’re pretty sure since we don’t do any of that, we’re clear. That’s how it works, right?

  • We Are Not Disney: We aren’t Disney, we’re not associated with Disney, Disney doesn’t even know we exist (probably — OK, hopefully — OK, no seriously, they don’t.) And that’s that. Now you know everything you need to know about the marketing that you’re reading. Any questions? Direct them to appropriate_email_address_here at [email protected]