What’s Special about Florida Resident Disney World Tickets

Florida Resident Disney Tickets

Sharing the neighborhood with the House of Mouse has its own special privileges. Specially, if you are a resident of the sunshine state of Florida and a Disney loyal you have several saving options. It seems just a matter of choice to grab the best available deals on admissions to your favorite theme parks. You select the one from a host of special offers and the magic is yours at significant discounts. Truly, the specially priced Florida Resident Disney World Tickets and passes make things quite exciting and memorable. Whether it’s the 3-Day or 4-Day Florida Resident tickets or the annual passes – Platinum, Gold or Silver passes for that matter, the experience is unique.

A proof of Florida residency is a must to buy the special Florida Resident Disney Tickets. The proof of residency could be a valid document such as driving license or Florida State ID card with valid address. In case if you are not an actual Florida resident then please avoid buying the special tickets and passes for good. They are not meant for guests from an outside state. Non-residents seeking to buy tickets with fake Florida ID’s will invite legal penalties that may lead to arrest, including suspension of their driving licences and ID’s.

However, if you have an ID of a different state, but own a Florida property, you are still eligible to buy the special tickets and passes. All you have to carry is the ID from another state for each adult and a recent utility bill or a bank statement (not older than 2 months) with the Florida residence address. Again buying tickets at special rates is possible for the non-resident kids as well. Since children don’t require resident IDs, it’s possible for a Florida resident to buy tickets for non-resident kids too. For example, those kids whose ancestors (Grandpa and Grandma) are from Florida then it’s quite possible for the kids to accompany their grandparents and enjoy the parks at Florida rates.

Florida Resident Disney World Tickets

Florida Resident Disney World Tickets

The best available ticket offers that Florida residents can have include the 3-Day Florida Resident Base, Park Hopper and Hopper Plus tickets. Or one can have the 4-Day Florida Resident Base, Park Hopper or Hopper Plus options. Disney is not offering any 2-Day Florida Resident tickets. All the 3-Day and 4-Day tickets are similar to those regular discounted 3-Day and 4-Day Disney tickets, but at a cheaper price and longer expiration. The special tickets will expire 6 months after the first day of use or they expire on December 16, 2018, whichever comes first.

Moreover, it’s to be noted that Disney applies certain block-out dates for the special tickets as well. One can visit the official Disney website – DisneyWorld.com to check the most up-to-date list of block-out dates. Currently, the block-out period for 3-Day and 4-Day Florida Resident tickets include – April 8 – April 21, 2017; June 5 – Aug 10, 2017; December 18 – December 31, 2017; January 1, 2018; March 24 – April 6, 2018; June 4 – August 9, 2018. Beside the official Disney site or the theme park ticket booths one can also visit the authorized re-sellers to buy discounted Florida Resident Disney tickets online.

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