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Is Walt Disney World Ready to Get Back to Normal?

Walt Disney World Image - Cinderella Castle

Now that the Governor of Florida has given the Green Light to reopen all restaurants to full capacity at the Orlando theme parks, is Walt Disney World ready for the wave of people who are ready to re-book their lost vacations? According to many sites on the internet, people are ready no matter what and can’t wait to get the heck out of their homes and go have a Magical break from this crazy action that has made many a babbling mess. I guess it all boils down to do you feel safe and can you walk the parks with a mask on at all times?

I think for the most part, people are all set with the masks and hand sanitizer but are they ready to wait in the long lines while keeping a safe distance? Doing this is going to be a little bit of a task but it seems most people are doing just fine and kids are for the most part doing their best to listen to their parents when it comes to social distancing. Now that the temperatures are cooling down, people are not having as much of an issue with breathing with 95 degree weather then getting hit with the afternoon showers. Easy fix to this common issue is to pack extra masks and just take your time.

Some are wondering should they just wait until reports come in of any second wave situations but it seems that the people at Disney feel the worst is behind us and to make their potential guests feel safe, Disney has installed hand sanitizer stations as well as cast members all around the parks to assist if anyone needs any help with the new park regulations. The Walt Disney World Resorts are almost all re-opened and safety is #1 as they need to assure their guests that when they come they as well as their children will arrive to a clean and sterile location. Many of their rooms have new cleaning protocols that were not in place before as well as pool and lounge areas being continually cleaned throughout the day.

The one thing that I saw that really stuck out to me was the cast members wiping everything down that is touched by hands. So not only do we have everyone slathering on hand sanitizer, but we have staff constantly wiping down everything possible. I used to work for Walt Disney World and I have never seen the parks as well as Disney Springs be so clean. So if you are one of those people sitting on the fence, wondering if it is time to book that vacation, I can say with confidence that the time is now before everyone and their brother starts showing up. Now is a slow time in the season until two weeks into December so call a travel now and get to get the best deals on rooms or to just buy your tickets as you will need help booking your days to visit as well as your FastPass’s and Boarding times if you plan on visiting Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. Click here to visit our Package’s and Discount Disney Tickets page.

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