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Facts about Disney World Pin Trading

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida has always offered collectable and exclusive Disney pins in each of its parks. However, in October 1999 when the Millennium Celebration kicked off, the tradition of pin trading blossomed.

According to the Official Disney Pin Trading rules and etiquette, “The general rule on what constitutes a tradable pin is that it is a cloisonné, semi- cloisonné or hard-enamel metal Disney pin…and that it represents a specific Disney event, place or location, character or icon.”

Pin Trading with Cast Members

As you visit the various parks and resorts at Walt Disney World, you’ll notice that Cast Members wear colorful trading pins on a lanyard. Part of the pin trading magical experience is trading with Cast Members. Simply ask the Cast Member if they’d be interested in a trade by offering one of your pins for one of the pins on their lanyard.

Pin Trading Etiquette

Cast Members understand that children do become very excited when they’re visiting Disney World, but please keep children from grabbing or yanking at a Cast Member’s lanyard when pin trading. Pin trading etiquette includes:

  • Only trading one pin at a time
  • Always trade hand to hand, never attempt to remove the pin from the Cast Member’s lanyard
  • Some pins must be traded as a sets (Cast Members know which ones)
  • Cast Member Name Pins are not available for trade
  • Always trade with the pin’s back firmly attached for safety

Best Pins to Trade

The best pins to trade and to trade for are the ones that make you happiest. If the Cast Member at the Jungle Cruise has a Little Mermaid pin you love, offer a trade. Keep an eye out for unique pins and ones that may be discontinued. Before arriving for your Disney vacation, do a bit of pin trading research and find out which pins are popular, easily traded and which are most sought.

Best Places to Purchase New Pins

Building a pin collection can be great fun. Many pins are $10 or less, although some elaborate ones with moving parts or intricate details may be more. Visitors to Walt Disney World easily can find trading pins to purchase in shops throughout every park, resort and at Disney Springs, which is home to Disney Pin Traders a shop that exclusively sells Disney pins.

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