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Visiting Animal Kingdom with Kids Is A Unique Experience

When it comes to most popular venues for a great WDW (Walt Disney World) holiday trip with the Kids, Magic Kingdom comes to our minds first. However, if you are an experienced vacationer, and your kids have visited the world’s most magical Park already, you can switch over to Animal Kingdom as your next great kid-friendly destination. Indeed, the biggest of all the four WDW Parks- Animal Kingdom makes a unique vacation alternative for guests visiting the world famous Florida Resort. It’s a tough decision to make. But  Animal Kingdom has its own special attractions that can help turn both you and your kids vacation into one of the most exciting and memorable theme park experiences ever.

Kids love animal and parents are equally excited about them too. So what better way to celebrate the same than visiting the world’s most magical wilds of the Animal Kingdom Park. With over 500 acres of amazing lush landscapes, with exciting wild-life interactions and festive attractions, the Park brings to life the ultimate fun and learn experience for kids and the parents. Whether it’s the exclusive safari ride or thrilling coater adventures, the incredible animal viewing and learning tours or the mesmerizing musical shows or more, it’s all about exploring and celebrating the world of animals like never before.

One of the most popular ride-attractions the Park offers is the Kilimanjaro Safaris. With this one of a kind open air ride attraction your kid’s animal viewing experience will change forever. In fact Kilimanjaro Safaris is a unique African-style savannah ride adventure that attracts guests of all ages. No other safari ride on earth can compare with the pleasures of viewing such amazing variety of animals, right in the middle of the world’s most incredible wilds.

Again, kids who want to get more friendly and close with the animals can visit the only petting zoo of its kind. The Rafiki’s Planet Watch, with activities to help raise animal awareness, including behind-the-scenes tours and insights into the inner working of the Park, is a unique tour attraction not to be missed. Guests have to take the most exciting train ride aboard the rustic Wildlife Express Train that transports you and entire family to this one of the most unique animal petting zoos ever. Besides the Rafiki’s Planet Watch, the Discovery Island TrailsPangani Forest Exploration Trail,  Maharajah Jungle Trek, Oasis exhibits, and Habitat Habit Oasis exhibits, etc. make great animal viewing opportunities for the guests.

The Festival of the Lion King is again one of the liveliest theatrical extravaganza the Park has to offer. Packed with amazing acrobats, singers and skilled performers and animals, the show is a must visit attraction for all. Camp Minnie-Mickey, on the other hand offers kids with the wonderful opportunity to hang out with the favourite characters. Also not to forget the ever-popular attraction- the Tree of Life and its incredible animal carvings and more. One can also have a unique shopping and dining experience at the Africa section of the Park. Moreover, the future attraction – Avatar Land is one of the most anticipated upcoming offerings that promises to change the Animal Kingdom experience forever.

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