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The Excitement of Feeling Small Is Just Getting Bigger with the Announcement of New Toy Story Land

Ever thought of shrinking into the size of your favourite toys. I think it’s just incredible to be in the middle of oversize toys with the likes of Woody or the more attractive Buzz Lightyear for that matter. Well, when it comes to Toy Story attractions things are getting incredibly bigger and even more impressive. And the recent D23 Expo, 2015 announcements have reasons enough to add to the excitements. I think the prospect of a new Toy Story Land at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios Park is nothing less than another most unique and immersive offering to look for. It’s truly exciting to know that the experience of feeling small will never be the same again. Once the Toy Story Land is completed and opened for the public, fans will have a whole new world of favourite toys that Andy has assembled using his vivid imagination.Moreover, the new Toy Story Land is not just based on another stand-alone ride, but it will be an entire eleven acres of Andy’s Backyard that fans are going to deal with. Whether it’s in the form of an incredible roller coaster ride on the back of Slinky Dog or a ride on flying saucers with some green aliens, the Toy Story adventures are coming to life like never before. Also it’s so exciting to know that along with the new additions, the existing fan-favourite (Toy Story Mania) is also expanding with additional midway track to accommodate the imaginary world underneath Andy’s bed.
The Toy Story Land is said to have inspired from the overwhelmingly popular Cars Land in Disneyland, Anaheim. Cars Land has brought a revolutionary change in theme-park experiences today. And likewise it’s expected that the new Toy Story Land will also follow suit when it opens for visitors at the Florida Park. In fact there is nothing as fascinating than being able to step inside and enjoy the stories and actions of your favourite film franchise.  And Disney is a champion in this regard. It keeps creating such historic and magically immersive experiences time and again.
What interest me most is the way theme parks deal with their favourite attractions today. The urge for creating an entire land on a single theme or in honour of one specific Franchise is quite popular and lucrative as well. And the most successful example in this is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Such is the response with this one of a kind attraction that Universal Orlando could not but had to expand the attraction even more, making it a multi-park extravaganza today. Being the leader in the business, WDW (Walt Disney World),on the other hand has its own special way of including such incredible single-theme expansion plans. Whether it’s Toy Story Land or Star Wars Land, I am sure that the Imagineers leaves no stone unturned in taking the immersive experience to the next level.

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