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Star Wars Land – One of the Most Anticipated Disney Attractions

Ever since Disney had acquired Lucasfilm, life as a Star Wars fan becomes an exciting storehouse of expectations and anticipations. For the theme-park guests as well, the urge for the future space entertainment is somewhat bigger and even more exciting. Well in deed, it’s all about dreaming big for anything and everything that is Star Wars now. Like a true space enthusiasts, I too think that the prospect of visiting a whole new galaxy of Star Wars is a landmark experience in the offing. And the recent announcement at the D23 Expo 2015 can’t be anything more exciting in this regard.

What was started as a rumor now taking shape in the form of an upcoming 14-acre Star Wars Land. An extraordinary initiative in deed in honor of the world’s most beloved space Franchise. It’s true that the most talked about Star Wars Land is coming. In fact there will be two of them – one each for both the Disney owned Resorts, in Florida and in California.  Whether it’s the WDW’s (Walt Disney World) Hollywood Studios or the Disneyland Resort, I think the proposed Star Wars Lands will take the space experience to an all new level, and  not to mention the kind of influences it have on the theme-park business as a whole.

Moreover, the new Star Wars Land is seen as the largest theme-park overhaul ever. Never before in the history of the Company there has been a single-theme initiatives of such immersive and widely expansive nature. In fact the Star Wars Land will be an entire world unto itself. It’s compared to the likes of Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Packed with new rides, shows, shops, and other authentic Star Wars features and attractions, including droids and epic Star Wars adventures, the experience is totally unique.

While the Star Wars Land at Disneyland is scheduled to break ground in 2017, the construction of the same on the WDW side is yet to be announced. But whatever be the dates, the advent of such an amazing Land will bring the Hollywood Studios into the list of top-most theme park choices for sure. There is also the new 11-acre Toy Story Land coming to the Park. Given both the attractions completed and opened for public it will be entirely a different story altogether for the respective Disney World Park. Moreover, with all the upcoming transformations and attractions, I think it’s a never before win-win situation for a Park that is often considered an afterthought.

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