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Skull Island: Reign of Kong – the Ride that Brings Back the Big Ape to Where It Belongs

There are Kong attractions in the past and there are Kong attractions today, but never ever have the opportunity to experience the colossal ape in such wild and massive way. I think what the latest Universal Orlando ride – Skull Island: Reign of Kong offers is nothing less than a ground-breaking initiative in this regard. With such highly innovative, multi-dimensional and multi-experimental offering, I’m sure that the world famous Orlando Resort is on for another most anticipated experience in honor of its iconic character next summer.

The new attraction in fact is a unique attempt to take the Kong experience to the next level. It combines the best of ride technologies and storytelling skills to bring an entirely new side of the famous Kong story that had earned an important place in the hearts and minds of Universal fans for generations. During the ride every move you make and every sight you encounter is intended to give a larger-than-life feel. In deed the sights of those menacing-looking eyes on the stone facade or the towering ride building, the huge 3D screens or the giant animatronic figures, including ride vehicles and more – all emphasize that the new attraction is a massive ride encounter with the legendary creature at the Islands of Adventure.

Moreover, it’s also exciting to know that the new attraction is based on an entirely different setting. The Skull Island: Reign of Kong is bringing back the Universal’s big guy to his very own native island for the first time. Though Universal has worked with the same director on the story and look for the attraction nothing connects with the previous productions. There is neither a chained Kong, held captive against a metropolitan backdrop, nor does it has to do anything with the films or prequel for that matter. For the first time visitors will experience the gargantuan creature right in the rugged confines of its own shelter.

During the ride, guests have to face some of the most powerful and intense acts of survival in the history of dark ride ever. In the midst of a mysterious island jungle, guests board a large expedition vehicle and off they went passing through ancient temples, prehistoric creatures and lot more. Whether it’s the terrifying wilds or the ancient ruins of Skull Islands, the encounters with hostile natives or the prehistoric creatures, the unspeakable terrors or the sudden appearance of the big guy himself, it’s in deed the next generation of Kong experience yet to be explored. When the attraction opens in 2016 summer, I’m sure it becomes an instant favorite among Universal Orlando fans from across the globe.

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