Really Close to Top Tier

  • Shula’s Steak House: Would be top tier, but prices are just barely too high for what you get, unless you’re really into steak (or you’re just plain hungry — portions are bigger here than in most Disney eateries.) The steak is perfectly cooked, too, so if you are a big steak fan, don’t miss this one. Found at the Swan and Dolphin Resorts.

  • Saana: Decent value, and excellent food…mostly. Saana does seem to provoke a slightly higher number of complaints about the food than the top-tier (but still dramatically less than a typical restaurant.) Indian cuisine with just a touch of the Levant, Saana is found Kidani Village in the Animal Kingdom Resort.

  • Raglan Road: The classic Irish pub — the food is simple and hearty, the portion sizes are appreciably immense (if you’re a light eater, share with someone), and the atmosphere is cheery and full of music and dance. Would be top-tier if the wait times weren’t so long — be ready to wait an hour past your reservation time before you get seated. Found on Pleasure Island.

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