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Get Your Free Planning Aides

Disney offers a free trip-planning DVD, as well as customized park maps, to those who request them. Be one of those people!

Calculate Total Cost, not Individual Costs

Disney occasionally offers a promotion called the Free Disney Dining Plan that seems to save you mountains of money by making all of your eats come at no cost (up to some amount per person per day). That can feel like huge savings, but the trick is that getting the ‘free’ dining plan means you can’t ever get any of the other discounts that are commonly handed out — for example, if you get the free food but you miss out on a 25% or greater discount on room prices for doing so, you’re probably saving less money than you could be. Research all the different options, and calculate total cost for each before you commit.

Take A Little Extra Time for the Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom has some really amazing ‘bonus material’ for folks who get there before the park opens — or stay after it closes.

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