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Celebrate a Magical Winter with Epcot’s Newest Ride Adventure

Like the Movie, the theme park versions of Frozen have swept the hearts of millions as well. Indeed the Frozen attractions are the most sought-after fun alternatives at the WDW (Walt Disney World) Resort today. Despite the long queues and never ending wait times, the special Frozen offerings keep stealing the shows every time. They make our vacation even more special – be it in the form of a loyal greetings, sing-alongs, or special screenings, or more. In fact there is hardly a moment, when a Frozen attraction is found free of crowd. After all the fun and celebrations with the likes of Anna, Elsa and others is always a rare opportunity that should not be missed.

Whether it’s just a temporary character presentation or the most extravagant Frozen Summer Fun Celebrations for that matter, the crowd response always exceeds expectations. And now with the newest and the most anticipated Frozen inspired ride attraction at the Epcot’s Norway Pavilion, Disney is just taking the Norwegian fantasy all the way to the next level. Indeed the time has arrived for us to re-visit the magical kingdom of Arendelle in a different way altogether. I think the new Frozen Ever After Ride is a unique opportunity for fans to go deeper into the scenes of the Movie while enjoying the world’s most incredible winter celebration right in the middle of Epcot’s summer. So if you are visiting Park next, get ready for a ride straight into the Movie without re-visiting the story.

Starts from 2016 summer onwards, the unique Frozen-ride replaces the existing Maelstrom boat attraction in Epcot’s Norway Pavilion. Guests onboard the new Ride will celebrate the most amazing winter festival for the first time ever. Like Maelstrom, the new Epcot Ride is also a slow boat ride with the same logs and path, but the scenes are different. The adventure begins much ahead of the actual ride. You get dragged into the Frozen world right from the moment you step in. And as you walk by Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post to board the ride, you will be amazed by the sights of the trader with the thick accent.

In the ride, at the outset it’s Olaf and Sven who joins you in setting things up for the grand celebration. And as you proceed, Grandpappy Troll comes in to tell the story of Anna and Kristof; followed by Olaf singing and skating alongside Anna, Kristof and Sven. Last but not the least is the view of Elsa’s ice palace with her singing the song “Let It Go” is quite a draw during the ride. Guests will also be acquainted with the snowman Marshmallow along with the Snowgies, and finally the scene ends with a spectacular firework with all the characters come together in one most memorable good bye wave.

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