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Those photos in the first category are already copylefted; you can do basically anything you want to with them and we have no say in the matter. Just use Google’s Reverse Image Search to look up the picture, and if it’s on about a gajillion different websites, it’s definitely Creative Commons.

FTC guidelines

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If a post does have an actual name attached, it’s actually a post by that person, and that person is not one of the bloggers we’re talking about. We don’t want our names out there.

But FTC guidelines say that we have to say a whole bunch of other stuff, too, so bear with us for a second while we talk about our marketing:

  • Media Events:Disney puts on a lot of media events that the public isn’t able to attend. If the bloggers who add content to this site ever have the opportunity to attend such an event, and then they post about it, they’ll tell you that their experience was at one of these non-public events.

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