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The photos that appear on this blog come in two basic categories: photos that we took from somewhere else on line, generally always through the Creative Commons license; and photos we took ourselves. (‘We’ in this case meaning ‘the people paying for this page,’ not ‘the bloggers who are pumping out this amazing content like fruit smoothies out of a Vita-Mix.’) Those photos in the first category are already copylefted; you can do basically anything you want to with them and we have no say in the matter. Just use Google’s Reverse Image Search to look up the picture, and if it’s on about a gajillion different websites, it’s definitely Creative Commons.

The photos in the second category, we wouldn’t put up on this blog unless we kind of expected them to get ripped off and used against our will anyway. So we’ve decided to circumvent the problem by just copylefting all of the pictures we put up here regardless, under a non-commercial usage schema. So what that means basically is that anyone is allowed to snag any picture on our site and use it for anything except making a profit. All we ask is that, where possible, you link the picture back to us, and credit the photo to if your medium of choice allows.

If you feel like you just absolutely have to have one of our pictures for commercial use, we’re amenable to talking about it. Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll see if we can work something out. Mm-kay?

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