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Boggy Creek Airboat Rides – The Most Exciting Wetland Experience Ever

The roaring of the hovercraft look-alike across the ever-tempting Florida Everglades may be a little louder for the ear, but then it’s of least concern for those riding on-board the most exciting Airboat ride adventure ever. Even the drive to the riding area itself is as inspiring and memorable one to me. The lovely country-side road will lead you to the popular ride destination away from the hustle and bustle of Orlando. And while you are enjoying the beautiful sights on the way, the ranches that you come across will remind you of a wonderful scene from an old western favorite. Truly, Boggy Creek Airboat Rides is one of the most exciting ride alternatives to head for after the Theme Parks in Orlando. Given the breathtaking views of wetlands, cypress trees and wildlife, including the rare and up-close encounters with the likes of herons, buzzards, turtles or even the more notorious alligator, I think it makes an adventure unlike any other.

Definitely a fun ride for the entire family. The unique Airboat adventure ride promises the most exciting wetland experience you have ever had. Located in Kissimmee, Florida, they are available at two different spots (Southport and East Lake) hardly a few kilometers away from the main Orlando theme park attractions. Once you have reached the riding area, you and your family may be excited to have a photo op right on the boat ramp. Also before the final boarding you will receive noise reducing headphones and life-jackets, specially for the kids under 5 years of age. It’s a 30 minutes ride experience, but those 30 minutes will be the most memorable 30 minutes of your life across the most beautiful swamps that Florida has to offer.

Surrounded by amazing and untouched natural beauty, the boat whisks across the marshlands at great speed. And how exciting it’s – passing through tall grasses of the everglades, and chancing upon the wild stars of Florida’s wetlands. The captain of the boat is also a great help in ensuring the best views and spotting some of the the rarest sights during the ride.

Moreover, getting up-close and personalize with the alligators of different sizes right in their wildest habitats is quite a unique experience for a rider like me. And if spotting as many alligators is the main goal then take a ride in the early morning or at the dusk and you have a better chance to see more of those creatures lazing around or gliding across the marches for their next prey.

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