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A vacation to Disney World Orlando

A vacation to Disney World Orlando is often the highlight of a family and their total vacations over the time kids are growing up.  Whether its memories made along the travel route or the sheer wonderment found at the park, Disney World has been celebrating and giving families the happiest place on Earth.  When you visit Disney World you will find they have added three main events for you to enjoy and participate in that will simple take your breath away and allow you to join in the joy and celebration of offering fun and creativity to the world.

These three events are the new Paint the Night parade, Disneyland Forever fireworks show and the World of Color: Celebrate light show over water that is a pinnacle of animation and lights in action.  In order to take advantage of these three events you have to get your Disney tickets because this celebration will only be around for short period of time and only those who have Disney passes will be able to enjoy the show.  Here is a look at the World of Color: Celebrate show that will truly blow your mind.

The World of Color: Celebrate show offers a view of animation and color through the use of light, water and animation.  This gives you a view of a narration that takes you through the nostalgic feeling of taking to Walt Disney himself and brings you all the way through the show to see some upcoming views of the new Star Wars VII movie.  Taking in this show may get you soaked, literally as some of the water jets are pointed at the audience in the first row, so be prepared to get wet and have your senses challenged and heart rate increased as the show unfolds.

In order to get tickets to see this amazing new feature of Disney World you need to get some Disney World tickets.  Check out the variety of ticket packages you can purchase which allow you to have as many days as you would like of Disney passes in order to see the whole park and take in the celebration of the fun and entertainment that is truly Disney.

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