Dining At Walt Disney World Orlando

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When you take a vacation at Disney World Orlando, you’re going to have so many dining options in front of you that you won’t have the slightest idea where to begin. There’s simply so darn many restaurants that even just listing them all and giving a summary is going to

About Reservations

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There is no such thing as a reserved table at any Disney restaurant; there is only Priority Seating — so if you have a “reservation” for 6:30, and you arrive at 6:30, but no tables open up until 7:45…you eat at 7:45. So getting to your locale well before your reservation comes

The Top Tier

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  • Animal Kingdom Rides:Crazily expensive — and worth every penny. Expect to eat (and be served) like British nobility. Seven courses (with six wine pairings and three breads) served over the course of three hours, this is a meal for your bucket list, straight up. Found at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, but make your reservations NOW.

  • Ghirardelli’s: The opposite end of the spectrum in every way except price and quality. Even though it only serves desserts and coffee, the Ghirardelli’s shop is constantly packed and for good reason — everything they serve is as decadent as you could imagine. Found at The Marketplace in Downtown Disney.

  • Tika the Cooking Place: If you’re looking for something completely different, Tika serves (mostly-)authentic mid-African food cooked expertly, with ample borrowings from Moroccan and a little Indian sprinkled in here and there. Found at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

  • The Earl of Sandwich: The only ‘budget-friendly’ entry in the top tier, the Earl of Sandwich presents your typical fare-between-bread at near-Top Chef levels of originality and quality. It’s the best food you can carry around while you keep exploring the park! Found just off Marketplace in Downtown Disney.

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